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Lucille was secretly thrilled

I accidentally dug up this weird scratch pad that I bought at a garage sale, maybe thirty years ago? for ten cents. It has maybe 200 pages, each with a different drawing at the bottom or top, from the twisted mind of B. Kliban

Had a lot of trouble googling the artist because I thought the drawings were signed “BK Wilson” – I mean look at it… How do you get to “Kliban” from there? Finally I googled “Scott laughed hard when Wanda brought home the contaminated cheese” and that got me where I wanted to go.

Mr. Kliban died at 55, way too young. I recognize some of his cat themed work, but his book on cartooning, and a compilation from his work at Playboy magazine, these go for $35 and up on eBaY. Not that I would part with it if I had it.

Gasoline Alley Wisdom

Gasoline Alley Wisdom
The guy with the junk wagon always has good advice. I think it’s from smoking a pipe.
I have been reading “Gasoline Alley” since I was old enough to snap the rubber band and carefully remove the half-page tire store ad on the Sunday edition. Once in a while there is a nugget of true wisdom in the comics, and it’s almost always dispensed by a crotchety old guy, or a little kid. Sometimes Henry would make me think, and he never said a word.