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Saturday Auction goat

January 13, 2019 ·

The saturday auction in Stanwood has this amazing goat in the window. I guess it’s to get passersby to think “Next week is our wedding anniversary! Betty would love this!”. Only to be disappointed- it’s for display only.

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Las Vegas is like an earwig

Every so often, we get an itch to go to Las Vegas- get out of the rain. Not so much the gambling, just being able to walk outside after dark without a coat is a treat. This sculpture up at…
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Mike Rowe is the new Paul Harvey

Today's podcast recommendation is Mike Rowe's "The Way I Heard It"... Mike dives into all sorts of events, his stories are riveting, and often there is a twist at the end. That's why I called him "The new Paul Harvey"…
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Dimensional shame in 3D printing.

Here's my first attempt to make stackable bins to fit in the vertical file cubbyholes that my dad built into this fine secretary desk. You see I left the brim on so it won't rattle around in there. Somehow my…
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Missed opportunity

Consider the case of C. B. Moore, Optometrist. WHY did he not take the GOLDEN opportunity to hang out his shingle as C MOORE OPTOMETRIST ...and put "See more with C. Moore" at the bottom of his calling cards? Did…
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Climb up here to get a better angle to fling poop

Looking for a good spot to fling poop from. Our friend sent me a picture from Costa Rica, while we are experiencing a cold snap. Just good timing I guess. Got this text while standing in line at Costco. Teresa…
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Trollbooth cache gives me a Stephen King feeling

This is the "Trollhouse" geocache we logged a few months ago. I put it on our favorites list just for the novelty of it. The lady of the house pulled in as we were examining this amazing bit of folk…

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