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Be the life of the party until you’re not

When I was a kid, some comic books would have ads proclaiming that you could “Throw your voice”; as I recall, it strongly implied that I could do things like make my mother think that my sister was talking back to her. Apparently they would send a non-rusty version of this device, and instructions of some sort. But what if someone asked you something? Were you supposed to keep a handkerchief or Kleenex handy to pretend to cough into?

This is some Jeff Dunham level stuff here. That would be most amusing to see what would happen if mom heard Evelyn say “I keeeel you!!” But I would have started cracking up and probably end up with this thing lodged in my trachea.

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It’s unicycles or Canasta, or stay home and watch the Alan Brady show.

We were trying to find something fun to do this Memorial Day weekend without getting stuck in traffic, then I remembered this unicycle act in an old Everett Herald, I think 1958? Before my time.

Back then the wife would probably go anywhere and see anything just to get out of the kitchen! Does a unicycle act sound fun to you? Please remember that people drank a LOT harder back then. Not sure about this night though, it’s at the PTA carnival. I guess booze will find a way.

I like how the lady in the ad below is looking up, she’s thinking “If those clowns in 2B wake the baby, they’re going to get a piece of my mind!!”

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Over Already???

I had Christmas week off but have to go back to work tonight. What a drag! I didn’t even care about Santa arriving on a huge chicken, God knows we can use the eggs. (From our trip to Sequim a few days ago)