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Generic Love from uncle Marvin

From the Asheville Post Card Company, an easy way to send a postcard… Just check the appropriate box(es) on the front, and on the other side write… “See front. Love, Uncle Marvin” (Replace with your own name, of course)

It could use some more options, and who wants to write home to say they are eating like a jackass? Or is that a horse? I guess you can flesh out the details on the stamp side, like normal people.

Did I offend you?

This postcard is pretty tame by today’s standards, although there are always the perpetually offended. An Army Sgt. writes to a married lady back home;

“Hello Fern, Why don’t I hear from you anymore? I wrote to you twice in ten days & no answer. Have I offended you in some way? If so I am very sorry. Please let me know. Thanks. Your friend, Sgt (not legible)”

I wonder if Fern’s husband had a problem with some dude sending his wife racy postcards?

Tom Shane’s evil cousin

The stylish new COAL ring

There are options besides diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. Coal, for example. Or cubic Zirconia. From the planet Zircon.

I got my wife one of those color-changing mood rings for her birthday. When she is relaxed, it is blue. When we run into my ex-girlfriend, it turns green. When she is in a bad mood, my eye turns black.

Shut up and eat your macadamia nuts

Old pic of the Outrigger hotel lobby, with folks reluctantly sporting leis.

An old postcard from the Outrigger Prince Kuhio, featuring some people sitting around in the lobby wearing Leis (Am I spelling the plural of that correctly?) Teresa can’t take me anywhere; I would drop my lei in the nearest trash can.

These are probably time share salespeople waiting to pounce on people coming down the elevator, if our trips to Las Vegas are any indication. It should be illegal to harass tourists, people have only so much vacation time, and spend a bundle to do it. For some, it’s a once in a lifetime trip. LEAVE US ALONE!

There are many Lapps

Lapp family hill dwelling

I came across this very old postcard in a lot I purchased a while back. This family is glad to pose on their little hill and with their (reindeer?)

Let’s pause for a moment and have some sympathy for mom.

So I was thinking, what’s up with the hill? Turns out that it’s their house, like this other Lapp family from the same era.

A rude awakening

A musical awakening

When I was in boot camp, they usually just yelled and banged garbage cans. It didn’t matter to me, I was usually awake, hearing people that got up even earlier marching in the distance, or at least the wind whistling off the lake.

This card was sent to Billie R. From Virgil, and I have several of them, I suspect she kept them all her days. As far as I can make out, it says;

Hello Billy! I received your sweet letter today and was sure glad to hear from you. I guess that I did tell Eddie that you were working every day, I allow that (something) short of hands…. He would give you a job while school was out but it would be too much on you for regular work. You need to rest and play while you are young and can enjoy yourself —-

Truer words were never spoken, Virgil!

Fisherman math. It doesn’t add up!

I see only three ladies, and apparently four guys came on this trip. You would think that that having the extra guy out on the lake instead of cramping their style would be a good thing? I would rather go fishing than hang around with these cranky fucks too.

You can’t go there anymore

We were mulling over where to go on vacation this year. I had a crazy idea, we have a box of random postcards (because that’s what packrats do)… My idea was to blindly grab a postcard from the stack, and go there on vacation.

It would be wonderful to go to Mrs. Henderson’s Crown Point Chalet. Alas, this postcard is almost 100 years old. Her health failing, she sold the Chalet in the late 1920’s, and opened a small dining room in Portland. The depression caused that business to fail, and Mrs. Henderson died broke at age 58. This is from the website. I am assuming that Mrs. Henderson was a widow.

She should have put a picture of one of those home cooked chicken dinners on the back.

Dodge City Scene

There’s a lot going on in this Dodge City postcard. At first I thought the guy in the street outside the cigar store had slipped in some horse poop, but it looks like the Man in the Yellow Hat has given him lead poisoning. Curious George would be appalled by TMITYH’s dark side.

The guy in the yellow shirt at the bottom right, had a WANTED flyer for some dude, and as luck would have it that dude just came up behind him. But the look on his face! Keep your cool man! This old west reenactment show was all very entertaining… Until I saw they hung a guy from a tree on the hill! At the rate people are being shot or hung, pretty soon it will be a ghost town.

Daring daylight robbery

Here’s a postcard from the sleepy little town of Oil City, Pennsylvania – but wait! In the lower right, you can clearly see three ex-convicts in drag preparing to rob the post office- doesn’t seem like that would be a lucrative target, but what do I know; the only thing I have stolen is my wife’s heart. The sender wrote, among other things;
“…Am working hard this summer. No joking, I am working 10 hrs. a day and most of the time with a pick and a shovel at that. It certainly does me good.”

He’s a better man than me, I would be whining like a loose fan belt if I had to use a pick and shovel for 10 yours, in the hot Pennsylvania August sun.