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Slim pickings this campaign season!

ArchieBunkerForPresidentLooks like I will be sporting my Archie Bunker campaign button this November, since I don’t have a button for Pat Paulsen. I remember my dad hated that this joke candidate was able to get into the voter guide. Even then I thought that parody and mockery have a place in political discourse.

Dad should have ran, I would have voted for him, “the cribbage candidate”.

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Now all you need is some Hi Karate

MB-Gem-Razor-Stubble1 Had to get this matchbook at a street sale, after embarrassing myself by letting a lecherous HEHEHEHE laugh escape while reading the comic. Very curious about this GEM razor with “guiding eye”… Not sure I want it watching me shave though.

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Patient Pockets

retropocketsEver prepared, my mother-in-law kept these extra pockets on hand, for about fifty years I’d guess?

It was just in case there was a need for pockets mounted externally, over pink pants and a pink belt, although I guess any color would work. I can’t tell if the man in the picture is smiling because he is pleased with his new pockets, or if it’s a precursor to murderous rage.

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Things it’s best not to win at auction #602

Things I am glad I did not win on Listia

WCfieldsBatteryTesterThis W.C. Fields battery tester. I understand that the company has the made-up word “Noveltronics” in the name, but come on, all it does is test batteries, good/bad based on whether his nose lights up.

Maybe they couldn’t get the rights to the guy from the “Operation” board game.

It could have been fun if they had it spout actual quotes. For example, If the battery was bad, it could say, “I like children – fried.” (That passed for humor in his time)

I bid 19,000 “Listia points” for this, with free shipping. I estimate the value of the points to be about $7.50. Just thought it would look cool in my toolbox. But as usual, I was outbid at the last minute. Just as well!

REGARDING LISTIA; A points-based trading site (Like Ebay but can be done without $$) – Bonus points for both of us if you use my referral link to try it out!   Listia extra points link

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This right here, is spring fever.

Mclendons-springs-August-2013v3 I was at McLendon’s Hardware in Renton a few weeks ago, and I was impressed with their assortment of springs. Sadly, I could not think of a single current project that is held up for want of “A helical metal coil that can be pressed or pulled but returns to its former shape when released, used chiefly to exert constant tension or absorb movement.” But I know where to go when it happens. (And it will happen)