Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

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Gingerbread boy is oblivious

U&I Sugar had a mascot, maybe only at Christmas? A gingerbread boy, smiling because he doesn’t know that his fate is sealed. This guy was in the 12-1-65 Everett Herald. You could send a U&I label and some money to get a cookie sheet, cake pan, either came with a “Gingerbread Boy Pattern”. (I thought it would be a cookie cutter?)

Apparently, they were trying to build product loyalty among people who like to bake.

U&I produced beet sugar for decades; ultimately cane sugar did them in. People preferred the taste of cane sugar, and bakers say it caramelizes better than beet sugar.

More about the U&I company here; https://worldhistory.us/american-history/the-history-of-ui-sugar-a-beet-sugar-powerhouse.php

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