Month: July 2016

My sister’s bees barf tasty honey.

My sister and her husband live in Oregon and raise bees. Not sure about their marketing strategy. I do want

But honey… it’s rustic!

RUSTIC IS MAGIC! I finally got this flooring saw that I’ve had my eye on. After I figured out how

Why hoodies were invented

One warm summer night, a few years ago, I was leaving work- about 4 am, I work nights. I stopped

Tune the UHF channel for your vicinity

Teresa’s maternal grandparents living in Renton, Washington, in 1957. I would bet that this was taken late on a Saturday

The Secret Admirer

The Mrs. bought some books at a thrift store a while back, and found a Hallmark card inside- (Estimated to

Reading is FUNdamental. Also, the TV was broken.

Here’s my mother reading to my sister Evelyn, who is obviously not paying attention. These days, Evelyn routinely beats me

So this guy finds a bus in the woods…

When I was a kid, I used to like to go over to the neighbor’s house when they weren’t home,

Strange predictions from the distant past

Good grief, this is what they actually thought in the early fifties… Some day we may even have small computers

Hanger Tape is right up there with duct tape and large Phillip’s screwdrivers

One of our downspouts had rusty old brackets, and the problem was compounded by strong winds and people bumping into

Silver Pockets full, and car keys in the other

It’s so easy to fall for these email forwards if you don’t keep your guard up. When I got this