News from the Upside Down

I got this Chia Pet for Christmas, it’s Dustin from the Netflix show Stranger Things. It’s the first Chia Pet

Do I smell gas or are you just glad to see me?

So apparently when I opened the furnace this afternoon, it blew out the gas light? It wasn’t until late night

Pegboard start

I’ve only begun to figure out where to put my tools and other junk that goes in the garage here

Fred Flintstone’s toilet was a… pelican? Droll. Very droll.

My mother loved anthropomorphic characters, like Fred Flintstone’s turtle lawnmower, who would pause, look at the camera, and say “It’s

Pencils down, it’s happy hour

Not sure where I dug this up from, but I am pretty sure my dad worked here or in a

Should have done the toothpaste math!

I got this toothpaste squeezer on a whim because I like gadgets. It costs $9.99 – Only now doing the

My own room, but what do I call it?

We finally got a house with an extra room that I have claimed for my computer, books, etc. but I

Random notes December 27, 2018

From the daily digest; OFFER:  Speakers (Woodinville wa) – I know nothing about these speakers. Leftover from divorce. “Maximus Uterus” claims to

It fell behind the diceomatic letter transmogrifier

I always mail things with trepidation, like sending a kid to summer camp. Sometimes I read “human interest” stories about

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Santa brought an Amazon Dot for Daphne, and I was skeptical. But Alexa amuses me… I asked her, “Who put