What Happened to the Restless Mouse?

After about 20 years, we are packing it in. Closing our doors. Shutting down, shutting up, and moving on. We are selling our remaining inventory on ebay, craigslist, the local auction house, basically, whatever works. Ideally, in a few months, there will be room in the garage for a ping-pong table, or a Ferrari. Hopefully, Teresa won’t fill it up… >Read More

THE PUP geocache could use some OFF.

We recently found a geocache called “THE PUP” in Lake Stevens- in some lovely woods behind the senior center. Teresa found a safety cone for her walking stick. The cache was on a a winding trail where it wasn’t always clear if you were on the trail or a side path. Couple that with the trees throwing off the GPS… >Read More

Ethyl or Techron?

Ethyl has gas.

Used to be some gasoline had a proprietary antiknock compound in it called “Ethyl”. If I had been old enough to be a gas station attendant back then, and if someone asked for the gas with Ethyl in it, I would have been obligated to mutter “If Ethyl don’t mind!” and then spill gas on the side of their car.… >Read More

Lady at the beach with freakishly long legs.

Did I offend you?

This postcard is pretty tame by today’s standards, although there are always the perpetually offended. An Army Sgt. writes to a married lady back home; “Hello Fern, Why don’t I hear from you anymore? I wrote to you twice in ten days & no answer. Have I offended you in some way? If so I am very sorry. Please let… >Read More

Car of the future, almost.

The Future is now, sort of.

The February, 1956 edition of Town Journal magazine predicted cars would be controlled by devices embedded in the pavement. They didn’t see the advances in optics and electronics enabling self-driving cars to use any pavement. Apparently game playing technology was not expected to improve- This family is playing dominos, I think. I don’t think they are even wearing seat belts.… >Read More