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It’s unicycles or Canasta, or stay home and watch the Alan Brady show.

We were trying to find something fun to do this Memorial Day weekend without getting stuck in traffic, then I remembered this unicycle act in an old Everett Herald, I think 1958? Before my time.

Back then the wife would probably go anywhere and see anything just to get out of the kitchen! Does a unicycle act sound fun to you? Please remember that people drank a LOT harder back then. Not sure about this night though, it’s at the PTA carnival. I guess booze will find a way.

I like how the lady in the ad below is looking up, she’s thinking “If those clowns in 2B wake the baby, they’re going to get a piece of my mind!!”

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Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss

It’s finally on YouTube! Years ago, I went online and bought what I thought was a DVD of this movie, but it was just a copy of the (rare) VHS.

Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss follows the Parker family from A Christmas Story as they go on their annual summer vacation, narrated by the author of these stories, Gene Shepherd, as well. All different actors of course, I especially like Dorothy Lyman playing the mom. (Naomi from Mama’s Family? Remember? Geez do you even own a television?)

The PBS network was involved in the production of this made for TV movie, so I suspect you had to pledge X amount to get the VHS tape and probably a tote bag. The Haven of Bliss on YouTube is actually of better quality than the stupid bootleg DVD they sent me.

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Sneaky Fern Cache

We must have passed by this cache a dozen times during our search. I stopped and looked at the comments, someone had taken a picture of the “potted plant”, that did the trick. Is it a “spoiler”? Perhaps. We don’t care, we just want to find the stupid thing, sign the log and get out before the muggles get curious.

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Mystery Barrel SOLVED

I got this at one of those antique/cool junk malls yesterday. The idea in my head was to use it as part of a whimsical Rube Goldberg garden irrigation system, it didn’t have the little wooden tap so I didn’t realize it was actually a decanter from the 1970’s. Come to think of it, if someone partook of the evil week, they could probably make a bong or a hookah? But I digress.

Posted it to the subreddit “What is this” and very quickly got an answer and a link.
Decanter with spigot
I am thinking about getting a wooden tap for it and shellacking the heck out of that because it will be outside.

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My kind of geocache!

Roadside surprise

The Geocache Thanks for Visiting is on our favorites list; it’s one of those where you just drive up and and walk a few yards, no nonsense about solving a mystery, or “clever” cache placement. A fun container with room for “swag” and travel bugs. Not a hobo heaven nor is it overrun by muggles. Not full of rainwater or surrounded by nettles. Thanks for the hide!

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What happened to kites?

When I was a kid, about this time of year the stores would all have inexpensive kites available. Kids would be out flying them if there was the slightest breeze, or even gale force winds; our parents never knew where the hell we were, or what we were up to. I guess they knew most of these kites were only good for a few inept launchings. What could go wrong? If I was able to get one aloft for like twenty minutes before I lost interest and went down to the high school to watch the rich kids fly their R/C airplanes, that was a good day.

Storekeepers knew that the winds of commerce only allowed for a relatively short kite season. They were just waiting for the Duncan Yo-yo rep to stop by to get an order in advance of the school assemblies featuring the guy who could “walk the dog” and all those fancy Yo-yo moves. Then the smart shopkeeper would also get extra Band-aids and lamps, and call cousin Kenny who is in the window-glass business.

I don’t know how this whole system fell apart, but my world is poorer for it.

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The case for a new mower blade

Lowe’s sells a replacement mower blade that fits my mower for about $18 with tax. Apparently my old blade wasn’t mulching well anymore, the back yard grass was tall but with the new blade I am sure the bag had to be emptied less than half as often as with the old blade.

Just doing some rough math, even if I only mowed 9 times this season, and even if the blade saved me only 2 empties per mow, and if I replaced the blade every other year, that’s 50 cents per bag I didn’t have to trudge back to the compost pile with. I would have gladly paid one of the kids to do that, but they are grown now and no grandkid labor to exploit yet, so a new blade is the next best thing.

YMMV… Some blades could probably be sharpened but mine was pretty dinged up; sometimes I encounter a hidden rock, or log, or bicycle, or transmission in the tall grass at the beginning of the mowing season. If it is tall enough to get my butt wet when I am laying in the hammock, time to mow!

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Amazon’s dumbest idea yet

Doesn’t Amazon know, out of the tens of thousands of people getting Amazon packages in this particular style of box with the whimsical suggestion on it, at least one idiot is going to send the baby hurtling down the stairs?